Back, six years later…

I recently began taking a Web design class, and we are playing around with building websites through WordPress.  I had remembered hearing about WordPress many years ago, but in the context of blogging.  I jogged my memory and realized that I had actually started a blog one day, long ago, and discovered it here.  With one entry, from all the way back in 2008.

Seeing that I never followed through on continuing to blog, despite many daydreams, aspirations, and inspirations, filled me with a sickening feeling.  It was all too symbolic.  All too a part of a chronic never-finish-what-you-start, throw-away-aspirations, running-around-in-circles illness that has plagued me for many years. (Okay, I’m not THAT much of a failure or hate myself THAT much, but I am definitely a little disappointed in my perpetual lack of direction.)

So, now I’m back to break the pattern of starting something and then stopping because I feel overwhelmed, perfectionistic, shy, or distracted.  I’m going to start this blog with very little self-editing and no real focus, with the hope that if I continue to blog daily, it will eventually morph into something I love.

I hope you enjoy!


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